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2022 FAQs





Imagining ARNOVA's Next 50 Years:

Scholarship, Practice, Community


Nov 17-19 | Raleigh Convention Center - Raleigh, NC


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Below are a few tips to help get ready for #ARNOVA22 

GENERAL FAQs:          

When and where is the 2022 ARNOVA Conference?

The 2022 ARNOVA Conference is scheduled to take place on Nov. 17-19 in the Raleigh Convention Center in Raleigh, NC. 

Will there be a virtual component to this year's conference?

ARNOVA 2022 Conference might have some limited options to present virtually. Read the message from our Board President and Executive Director about the conference format here.

What are the health & safety measures at this year's in-person conference?

The health and safety of ARNOVA's attendees is our top priority. We will continue to monitor a variety of factors related to the pandemic and will determine exact COVID protocols closer to the Conference.


How do I register and what is the cost to attend?       

Registration is now open! Early Bird rates are available until September 7th. Rates and registration are available on the conference website. Note: Although ARNOVA will offer a non-member rate this year, we still require all presenters to become members.

What if I need to cancel my registration?          

If you cancel on or before October 18th, 2022, you may request a full refund, unless you wish to donate all or part of your refund. If you cancel after October 18th, 2022 no refunds will be available unless you notify us that:
(a) You are unable to obtain a visa for entry into the United States; or
(b) You are prevented from attending the Annual Conference due to Covid-related restrictions, such as travel or quarantine requirements.

If you have questions, please contact ARNOVA at or 317-684-2121

I'm only presenting in one session - do I have to become a member and pay for the conference?

We often get questions about why we require presenters to register for the conference. Historically, ARNOVA has long held the policy that presenters must register (and therefore pay) in order to be allowed to present. As a membership association, we require membership in order to participate in programs and events such as the Annual Conference, as well as have access to a number of other resources such as the NVSQ.

Of course, we want to engage practitioners and other non-ARNOVA members in our work because it can only enhance the depth and breadth of our understanding. Given that desire to connect with other perspectives/fields/researchers, panel, paper, and colloquy conveners often ask us to provide complimentary registration; this is not only a lovely gesture, but it also makes a lot of logical sense in terms of expanding engagement - particularly in a time when we’re all (at least in the U.S.) becoming more aware of issues of equity, being clear in our criteria for access to complimentary anything is critical, and challenging.

Having said that, there are at least three options that could help. First, our ARNOVA sections occasionally cover fees for invited guests; if that’s the case, and you have been invited by a section, they may be able to cover your cost. If it’s not a section session, we have also asked registrants to purchase “BuyOneGiveOne” registrations, so we can provide registration scholarships to those who are looking for some financial assistance. If you are interested in this option, please reach out to us at and we will handle the details. Lastly, we offer One day pass registration fee, which includes: admission to all sessions on that day, plenaries (if scheduled), lunch (if scheduled), and coffee breaks (morning and afternoon).

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When is the latest date to complete an online submission?

The site will close at 11:59 pm EST on Tuesday, May 17th, 2022 for nonmembers and Tuesday, May 24th, 2022 for members for Papers, Colloquiums, Panels, Lightning Research Roundtable, Professional Development Workshops, and Conference Theme submissions. For Poster submissions, the site will close at 11:59 pm EDT on Monday, August 15th, 2022. For Research Roundtable submissions the site will close at 11:59 pm EDT on Wednesday, August 24th, 2022.

Can I use my ARNOVA membership credentials to log in? 

No, you don’t need to create an account to complete your submission. Once you complete your proposal you will receive an email with the submission title and a link to set up your account in case you need to edit/update your proposal.

What do I need to include in my submission?

The items that need to be included in your submission vary based on the type of presentation you would like to present. There is a description of the requirements for each type of submission in the Call for Proposals. To find this, go to "Begin a Submission" and click on the type of proposal you're submitting or review submissions guidelines here.

How do I know if my submission or application was received?

The last step for all of the submissions is to confirm that all of the information is entered correctly and check the box indicating your agreement with the ARNOVA Guidelines. Once the submission is complete, the proposal submitter will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive confirmation, please check your Spam/Junk filters or contact ARNOVA at or call us at 317-684-2121.


Can I save or modify my submission?

Yes, you can modify or update your submission at any time until the deadline. Your confirmation email will include login information for you to return to your submission and make changes. Please be sure to save this email somewhere so you have it for future reference.


How many words are allowed in the Narrative?

The Narrative is limited to 1000 words, not including spaces and headings. The title of the abstract and names of the authors are not included in this character count. Text that is incorporated into a chart or graph is calculated in this word count. EXCEPTION: Conference Theme submissions will have a 100 narrative word limit.


Am I required to submit my demographic information?

Speakers and presenters are not required to submit their demographic information in order to be considered for the ARNOVA Annual Conference program. However, as ARNOVA continues to focus on strengthening the diversity of the field, we encourage you to share as much as you are comfortable sharing with us.

Do I have a set amount of time to complete my submission?

No, you have an unlimited amount of time to complete your submission. If your screen is idle for too long, it will prompt you to make sure you are still working.


Can I submit more than one proposal?

Yes, you may submit multiple proposals. There is a one-proposal limit into the Conference Theme and a two-proposal limit into the Paper submission. Each proposal requires a separate submission. However, no individual should plan on presenting more than twice at this conference. If more than two proposals get accepted, the conference co-chairs will work with you to determine the two you will present.

When will I hear whether my submission was accepted?

Notifications will be sent in mid-July.


Can I make scheduling requests?

All efforts will be made to accommodate these requests, but we cannot promise to be able to adjust presentation schedules to meet individuals’ needs. If you have a scheduling conflict that is unavoidable, please email by August 12, 2022, with the conflict and the Conference Committee will take it into consideration.


Will ARNOVA pay for the hotel or travel expenses of my speakers?

No. Honorarium will not be offered for any speakers.


I have a non-member presenter who will be presenting in one session only. Does s/he really have to pay a registration fee & become a member?

You must be an ARNOVA member to present and attend the conference. All accepted presenters are expected to join ARNOVA and pay the conference registration fee. Check the ARNOVA website ( for current membership rates.


I am a non-member presenter. If my proposal is accepted, do I have to pay registration fees?

Yes, all accepted presenters MUST register for the Annual Conference and become ARNOVA Members.


Do I have to be a member of ARNOVA to submit?

No, anyone can submit a program proposal for ARNOVA Annual Conference. You must become a member and pay the registration fee if you plan to present at the conference


Who can I call with other questions? 

For technical support with the online submission site, call customer service at The Conference Exchange at 401.334.0220 - 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM ET, click on the dialogue sign next to the submissions ID number on the right top side of your submission or email - 7:00 AM - 11:00 PM ET. 

For questions about the content of your submission or the review process, please email or call us at 317-684-2121.


I'd like to present at the conference but would prefer not to travel. Can I present virtually?

ARNOVA 2022 Conference will have some limited options to present virtually. Please stay tuned to our email notifications will more details about this option

Awards & Scholarships Applications


Can I save or modify my nominations/applications?

Yes, you can modify or update your application at any time until the deadline.

Can I save incomplete nominations/applications?

Incomplete submissions will be saved in your account for completion until the deadline.

Can I apply for more than one award or scholarship at once?

Yes, you can apply for multiple awards and scholarships. Each award and scholarship requires a separate application. Note: you may only accept one award and one scholarship.  

Can I apply if I have accepted an award/scholarship in the past? 

Please check the terms and conditions for each award here:

I have a problem with my application form. Who can I contact?

Please email or call us at 317-684-2120.

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